Structuring Your Infrastructure as Code

February 13, 2022

When using infrastructure as code (IaC), basic architectural principals can be used as guidelines to create purpose built, operationally simple, platforms. These principles ensure that resources created are immutable and grouped according to lifecycle and purpose. Lifecycle Grouping Grouping resources allows for an approach where an environment is built from different layers, with each subsequent layer having a shorter lifecycle than the one it is built upon. This means we can make changes for a specific group of resources, which reduces the ‘blast radius’, and reduces operational complexity of changes. Read more

Designing a Layered Platform in the Cloud

December 7, 2021

I’ve been designing, creating and maintaining platforms for a few years now. I’ve learnt a fair amount on what works and what doesn’t and how best to take advantage of infrastructure that you can create in the cloud. Most of this was due to working with amazing people at my previous job at (Skyworkz). But also through the talks and readings of people like Kelly Shortridge and Martin Fowler. The cloud has enabled companies to innovate at amazing speeds, by facilitating growth, deploying faster and continuously improving. Read more

My Second Post

December 4, 2021

Didn’t Really Seize the Day Well, I’ve made it. I’m a statistic, one of 95% of blogs that got abandoned (according to the New York Times). So I didn’t quite seize the day. I could blame life getting in the way, Corona (wait shouldn’t that have made it easier as I’m stuck home more!!) or any other ridicules excuse. But in reality, I just didn’t put my head down and commit to it properly. Read more

My First Post

March 28, 2021

Seize the Day Well here it is. My very first blog. I’ve been wanting to start doing this for a while now, for multiple reasons. But just like anything that scares me (and for no good reason I might add) I’ve always found a “solid” excuse to not do it. “I haven’t got anything good to say”, “It’s already been discussed and blogged about”, “I’m not as good as ${insert well respected person}". Read more


March 27, 2021

Hi, I’m Tim. Originally from the small island of Malta, but am now living in the beautiful city of Haarlem in the Netherlands with my partner and 2 cats. Over the years I’ve studied and got my Masters in Aerospace engineering (I also spent a few years as a cabin crew member with Air Malta), worked in the automotive industry, where I got to work with different companies on a variety of projects, and was also involved in the design of a Hybrid vehicle. Read more

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