My First Post

March 28, 2021

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Seize the Day

Well here it is. My very first blog. I’ve been wanting to start doing this for a while now, for multiple reasons. But just like anything that scares me (and for no good reason I might add) I’ve always found a “solid” excuse to not do it. “I haven’t got anything good to say”, “It’s already been discussed and blogged about”, “I’m not as good as ${insert well respected person}". I almost got close once, but I kept on tinkering with the site, telling myself I need to get it perfect before it’s out there for the world to see (I hadn’t even written anything yet, I was only playing around with the esthetics of it).

But today is the day - I’m seizing the day!!


I’ve been working in this industry (cloud engineering) for a few years now, building cloud infrastructure and enabling teams do some amazing platform engineering. Before that I worked as an automotive engineer for over 6 years (more of me in the about section). I’ve seen a lot of parallels between the industries, be it building something physical like a hybrid vehicle or something a little more conceptual like an app or a website, and I think my diverse background helps me view challenges in a more interesting way.

I’ve worked with some great (and not so great) people, and learnt a lot from each and every one of them. I’ve also added a lot to each project I tackle and want to share my experiences and learnings, hence the blog. But I also wanted to see if I could create a community of discussion as I found that that’s when I really learn, and enjoyed my work the most (I’ll add a way to add comments later, but didn’t want to delay the blog any further). It’s also a way for me to remember how I did tackle problems.

Like a Virgin

So here I am, a blogging virgin, excited for what’s to come. As I write this and push the changes to my repo for Netlify to build my site I’m looking forward to what I will learn and who I will encounter during this journey.

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