My Second Post

December 4, 2021

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Didn’t Really Seize the Day

Well, I’ve made it. I’m a statistic, one of 95% of blogs that got abandoned (according to the New York Times). So I didn’t quite seize the day. I could blame life getting in the way, Corona (wait shouldn’t that have made it easier as I’m stuck home more!!) or any other ridicules excuse. But in reality, I just didn’t put my head down and commit to it properly. So I’m going to set myself some targets, plan accordingly and not be one of the 95% anymore!!!

Things to Come

Ok, now that I’ve set my targets, I’ll put them out in the open. Like this I’m accountable to anyone who reads this blog, even if it might be just me ;). Here’s a list of what I’m planning to talk about:

  • Platform Layering
  • D.I.E. Infrastructure
  • GitOps
  • Agile and Scrum (and why it should end)
  • Observability
  • Team Topologies and how every org should be following this metrology!
  • Structuring your IaC
  • Buzzwords and Best Practices
  • Blog Series on the Basics
  • Using specific tools like Crossplane, Argo CD, Terraform
  • and much more …

I’ll set a target of a blog every 2 weeks initially, but want to hit a blog every week some time in the first quarter of next year. Might sound like a lot, but I’m aiming for the stars and not every blog needs to be a masterpiece!

Not a Virgin anymore

So here I am, cannot say I’m a blogging virgin anymore! I’ve set my goals, still excited as for what’s to come, how much I’ll learn and hopefully encounter some amazing people on the way.

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