March 27, 2021

Hi, I’m Tim. Originally from the small island of Malta, but am now living in the beautiful city of Haarlem in the Netherlands with my partner and 2 cats.

Over the years I’ve studied and got my Masters in Aerospace engineering (I also spent a few years as a cabin crew member with Air Malta), worked in the automotive industry, where I got to work with different companies on a variety of projects, and was also involved in the design of a Hybrid vehicle. I consider the years that I spent as an automotive engineer provided me with a very solid foundation in engineering, which helped me transition to the fast paced world of the Cloud. I now work at DigitalOcean as a Senior Developer Advocate where I enjoy helping people use cloud technologies and open source products as well as speak at conferences.

During my free time I enjoy playing board games and tinkering with my home automation system. My main expenses in life are travelling and getting tattooed (so I’ve been saving a fair amount during Corona times ).

Feel free to message me (email/twitter) should you wish to get in touch about anything I write on here, whether you agree with it or not :).

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